4 reasons why proofreading is worth the time

At Jarbo, we know that both the small details and the bigger picture matter. That’s why we incorporate proofreading into everything we do, as it lets us check both. Not sure it’s worth the extra time? Here’s four reasons why proofreading is so important:

  1. Catching errors: The first reason proofreading is important is to catch typos, grammatical issues, and other errors. Even if you don’t spot an error, you might find additional ways to improve your written piece further. When proofreading, it’s always best to get an extra set of eyes to look it over. It’s very easy for a writer to skim over or miss an error in the copy they wrote if they’re the one proofing the content as well.
  2. Go with the flow: After you’ve caught and fixed any errors, the next step in proofreading is to assess the bigger picture. Ensuring that the content has a logical order, flows well, and provides the end user with relevant information is key. When proofreading, put yourself in the shoes of your customer. What questions will they have as they read it? What do they need to know first? Without taking a step back, you risk publishing content that will confuse or waste time for your customers.
  3. Consistency is key: As you review the written content, you have the prime opportunity to look at it from a reader’s perspective. Was the formatting of your headings and subheadings logical? Did the overall look & layout make it easy to read? These all play a part in the readability as a consistent format helps your audience engage with your content easier. Plus, you always want to check your content against your voice and visual guidelines for brand consistency.
  4. Getting your message across: Last but not least, proofreading helps you get your overall message across. Typos, unnecessary sentences, and other errors distract from your main point. For some customers, all it takes is one confusing read for them to have a negative impression of your overall brand. When you take the time to proofread, you have a chance to make sure your message is clear and that your readers have a clear and easy next step with a call to action. Whether it’s social posts, blogs, ads, website content, or print materials—our team gives everything a thorough proofreading so our clients can provide their customers with clear, accurate, and readable information. Need written content created or proofed? Contact us to see how we can be of help!


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Katie Foust
Voice/Analytics SME

As our subject matter expert in brand voice and analytics, Katie has a foot in both the creative and strategic side of marketing. 

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