Capitalizing on a special event

It’s not often that your business can use a total solar eclipse event to build awareness for your brand. On April 8, 2024, parts of the Midwest will fall in the path of totality of the upcoming solar eclipse. A few of our clients are using this unique experience to bring attention to their business.

  • Grand Universe is working with the city of Westfield to provide educational viewing experiences throughout the day of the eclipse. Learn more about this event at
  • One of our clients, Mt. Gilead Church, has been able to capitalize on the trend of the eclipse in their current sermon series. Understanding that the total solar eclipse is a big deal for their area, the ministers were able to come up with a direction for a 9-week sermon series that ends on the Sunday before the eclipse. Mt. Gilead and Jarbo were able to brainstorm and land on a title for the series, Path of Totality - the Jesus Way. While the series does not directly address the eclipse, it does take advantage of the magnitude of this total eclipse and the phrase that is used in describing the eclipse – "path of totality". This phrase, together with the introduction of imagery, video transitions, and graphics which reflect elements of an eclipse, Mt. Gilead was able to capitalize on the trend of the eclipse by the juxtaposition of the upcoming eclipse and Jesus as very big deals.
  • The town of Mooresville is rated 12th in the nation for the 2024 eclipse viewing, and they are dedicating 3 days to celebrate this experience! From April 6-8, in downtown Mooresville and Pioneer Park, there will be overnight-stay accommodations, food vendors, entertainment, and kids activities. Learn more about this event at

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