Custom online sales portal boosts volume by 29.6%

Streamlining communications and your online ordering platform goes a long way. See how our team built a custom online sales portal that boosted sales by an average of 29.6% a year.

Project: Custom online sales portal and strategy for communication with customers.

Project Date: May 2014.

Objective: Improve the efficiency of product sales to facilitate higher order volumes with a limited customer base.

Background: Holscher Products Inc. (HPI) manufactures and sells exclusively to Wild Birds Unlimited store franchises. Before working with Jarbo, Holscher had limited means of communication with store owners and used cumbersome website forms for online orders. Holscher reached out to us to increase their sales efficiency and create a smoother process for communication with their customers.

Solution: In order to increase sales efficiency, our team created a strategy that included the development of an ecommerce site, dropship store, and consistent communication through email marketing and notifications.


  • Customer-friendly interface: We built and designed an ecommerce platform to give customers access to more product information (including sizes, weights, installation videos, min/max order quantities, and quantity increments).
  • B2B-friendly features: Our team made sure the site had B2B features (including order history, multiple shipping addresses, and integrated LTL freight cost features).
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Integration: We set up an automated order export/import into their ERP for fulfillment and billing.
  • Quick order option: We developed a quick order option where customers can select all products and quantities and add them in bulk to their cart.
  • LTL freight tiers: Our team added a real-time view for customers to see where their order falls in the LTL Freight pricing tiers. This allows them to choose to place a slightly larger order and save on their freight charges.
  • Dropship storefront – We created a dropship storefront so store owners can capitalize on potentially lost sales. When a store owner has out-of-stock items, the dropship store allows them to order the item and have it shipped directly to the consumer.

Jar casestudy graphic

Jar casestudy graphic


  • Email - Jarbo created recurring emails for customers with updates, inventory status, and sale announcements.
  • Notifications - Seasonal sales and inventory updates.

Results: Higher Sale Volume - From 2014-2022, HPI experienced an average of 29.6% increase in annual sales.


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