How to Populate Your New Facebook Business Page

Utilizing social media is an important first step to take in your marketing campaign. While there are several platforms, Facebook is especially essential if your business centers around B2C marketing. If your business doesn't have a Facebook page, or you're looking to revamp the one you already have, then this is the guide for you!

Steps to create content and grow your reach

The Basics

You have a shiny, new Facebook page…now what? Make sure all your information is correct! This is the first step. While you are setting up your account, Facebook leads you through some of the basics… but there’s more!

1. Imagery

Make sure your logo is the profile picture. It’s tempting to choose a favorite shot of the office or something else, but it’s better to keep things simple. Be clear about who the company is by using the logo. Use that favorite picture for the cover photo instead! Make sure it matches the company brand and have some fun with it.

2. Descriptions

Head over to the About tab and make sure to fill out as many of the sections as possible. Usually a lot of the copy can be found on your website already. Try to keep your descriptions consistent with any copy you already have.

3. Story

This section is missed a lot. Go to your business page and see the Story section on the right-hand side of your screen on desktop. This is a great spot to feature the team or, if you have walk-in traffic, the front of your business.

4. Username

Your username can be found below your business page name. This will be the shortcut used for your page url. Try to use your business name. If that’s already taken add your location name after it.


1. Post a variety of content

  • Blog Posts – You are an expert in your field, share this knowledge with your customers! Add extra value and prove that you are a subject matter expert.
  • Photos – Show off your products and services through photos. Customers want to see what you’re all about.
  • Videos – Is life behind-the-scenes fascinating? Interview your customers for a testimonial. Let your employees tell the world what they love about your company.
  • Polls – Post a clear this or that and see what your customers choose. Keep it fun and lighthearted!

2. Share content that interests your customers

Let’s say you own a fitness facility. Create posts about nutrition and healthy living. While it doesn’t directly have to do with exercise, your audience is interested in these topics. Topics like these add extra value to your customers and gives them a variety of posts to engage with.

3. Create shareable content

Memes and quote posts are very popular because they are so shareable. Create custom memes or quote posts that have to do with your business. Using the same fitness business as above, an example would be a graphic with the quote “All progress takes place outside the comfort zone.” It’s relatable and easily shareable!

4. Include a call to action

Want potential customers to visit your website? Read your latest blog? Let them know! Use your Facebook posts to lead to the end result. Be careful though. You don’t want every post to seem like a sales pitch.

5. Facilitate a discussion or debate

Ask a question, put your products up against each other, or propose a change. The options are endless! Keep the discussion going by responding to any comments.

These simple concepts can get your Facebook business page off to a good start. Once you move into a growth phase, it will be time to look into creating other social media pages and a strategy for posts. This can include a full omnichannel approach accross all your digital marketing. Ready to create a full social media marketing strategy for your business? We can help! Reach out by emailing us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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