How we helped raise 90k for a 200-year celebration

Raising money for a citywide event right around the corner can be a huge challenge. When the Mooresville 200 bicentennial celebration Committee came to us for help with fundraising, our team knew we’d need a strategic plan and materials to get the job done.

Project: Mooresville 200 Sponsor Packages & Fundraising

Project Date: 2023

Objective: Develop a fundraising strategy and create materials for sponsor packages.

Background: The town of Mooresville is 200 years old this year! The Executive Committee of the celebration has been working hard the past few years to make this monumental event something the whole town can have a part in celebrating. In need of sponsors, they came to Jarbo for assistance. Our team organized a strategy with sponsor levels, advertisements, promotional materials, and a place for sponsors to sign up online.

Solution: Before creating any materials, our team outlined a set of sponsor levels that would vary from small to large donations—each with a different set of benefits and advertising opportunities.

After the levels were developed, we outlined the sponsor packages in a document that made it easy and clear for potential donors to understand. This document was added to the client’s website along with a form for donors to submit their donations. Additionally, we promoted these sponsorship opportunities across social media platforms through branded posts and identified a strategy for reaching out to possible donors.

Our team then designed and created templates for posts, billboards, t-shirts, and other promotional items that sponsors would receive. Collecting all these materials in a central location made it easy for the Executive Committee to have everything they needed as they continued to communicate with donors.


  • A total of 38 sponsors across 7 levels
  • A total of $89,400 raised

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