The 4 Essential Elements to Successful Marketing: Engagement

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Promoting engagement for your brand is the way that you establish contact with potential customers and how you maintain that relationship over time. A high level of effective brand engagement can create positive outcomes for your business such as customer loyalty and word-of-mouth marketing. This is where the creation of your brand strategy will come into play and make it easy for you to market your business.

"Are these posts free-range?"

Customer engagement can be broken down into two ways of communicating with your audience ­— organic marketing and paid marketing. Organic marketing consists of generating traffic to your business organically and focuses on building a relationship with a “potential” customer. Over time, organic marketing can turn them into a loyal customer and advocate for your brand. Organic forms of communication include using channels such as social media, email campaigns, blogs, or search engine optimization (SEO), to drive traffic to your site.

Sometimes you get what you paid for

Paid marketing takes a different approach — paying for a spot across different channels to market to an audience. It includes things like paid social ads, sponsored posts, display or video ads, print, and radio. Gaining a paying customer is not the only goal that a paid campaign has —increasing brand awareness, web traffic, and audience engagement are also important goals. Paid communications will ideally convert your target audience from a bystander to actively taking an action you’re calling them to. Clicking to learn more, calling, or signing up for a service are a few examples of this. Paid marketing is also typically more targeted based on information such as age or location. Audience specific targeting can increase your chances of getting the right message to the right audience at the right time.

What's it all for?

Promoting engagement for your brand is an essential aspect of successful marketing. Whether through organic or paid methods, building a relationship with potential customers is crucial for generating positive outcomes such as customer loyalty and word-of-mouth marketing. While a combination of organic and paid marketing can be effective, analyzing the engagement received is the most important step for improving marketing strategies. By testing, measuring, and analyzing results, businesses can continuously improve their engagement efforts and achieve better outcomes over time. Ultimately, a well-crafted brand strategy and a focus on engagement are key to achieving marketing success.


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