The 4 Essential Elements to Successful Marketing: Strategy

Brand strategy is the “game plan” for every step of the marketing process. Determining that strategy or “game plan” is the first step and foundation for marketing your business. At Jarbo, our initial goal is to have a genuine discussion with business owners to create a brand strategy that will speak to the audience that you want as customers. Your brand strategy will be incorporated into every aspect of marketing and will create a clear and thoughtful story to tell your audience.

A good brand strategy includes your brand’s purpose, the promise you want to make to your customers, a well-defined identity, and how you want to accomplish your business’ goals. It’s important to spend time asking the right questions to learn about your company’s purpose, the market segment that you want to target, and ultimately creating a strategic framework that allows us to create specific and measurable goals for your business.

Conducting research and marketing exercises are key steps to creating a strategy that will work for your business and separate you from the competition. This will typically include meetings and interviews to learn about your business and identify specific positioning and messaging needs. To kick of this process, we like to start with identifying the Who, What, Why, When, When, Where, and How of your business. We take these questions seriously and use them throughout every step in developing your brand strategy. Finding the answers to these will allow us and you to look further into the important aspects of marketing your business. Who your target audience is or What success looks like for you and your business are just a few examples. Once the important questions are answered, we can really start developing a game plan for your marketing.

Using the research and information that we have gathered, we can start to identify your audience and create detailed personas. A persona generally describes your target audience and makes it easier to define the relationship between your business and the customers that you attract (or want to attract). A great way to start building personas is to analyze the audience that your business already has. This step will aid in the creation of your positioning statement and help to find the brand’s voice. Read on about establishing your brand’s voice in Blog 3 of this series.


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Brooklyn Halbig
Brand Storyteller

Brooklyn enjoys working with our clients and organizing timelines and projects. From planning strategies to designing social media posts, she enjoys the whole process of marketing. Brooklyn also serves as our email marketing subject matter expert and keeps up with all the latest tools and trends.


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