The 4 Essential Elements to Successful Marketing: Visuals 

What do you need them to see?

Once you've determined a good foundation of strategy and voice for your brand, the visual aspects will follow. The visual elements of your brand are the observable medium used to tell your brand story—it’s what your customers will see first when it comes to your business. A brand’s visual identity includes logo, typography, color, imagery, and video.

 At this step, you should have determined your brand’s strategy and voice, which allows us to create a cohesive marketing strategy for your business. The visual elements will follow the overall tone and feeling of the voice and brand personas that you have already determined. Based on the voice and brand personas you have determined for your brand, the visual elements will follow the overall tone and feeling.

Does this logo make me look fat?

The first and arguably most important visual element for your brand will be your logo, so it’s very important to get this right. It is likely that the logo will go through a lot of trial and error to represent your business, and most importantly, speak to your target audience. When creating your logo, the best guidelines to follow are a clean and easy to read font-type, a consistent color palette, and that the overall look and feel of it matches the personality of your business.

After choosing the appropriate logo for your brand, every other visual element will follow a similar look and feel. As mentioned, choosing one or two easy to read font-types to use in every visual element for your business will keep it cohesive and legible. Along with font-type, you will also likely want to have imagery that is included in things like social media posts or on your website. When choosing photos or videos to use, make sure they follow the look and feel of your brand while also being aesthetically pleasing for your audience to look at.

What's the point?

The point of including visual elements in your brand is to represent your business in an interesting way and to draw in your audience. So, when choosing these elements for your business it is important to keep your business and your audience in mind. When the visual elements that are associated with your brand come together, you’ll start to see your business come to life.

Each element of strategy, voice, and visuals will be used in the next step of your brand strategy ­– engagement. Go to the next blog in the series to learn more about what engagement means for your brand.


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