The 4 Essential Elements to Successful Marketing: Voice

If you had to describe your business as a person, what words would you use? Fun? Confident? Witty? A brand’s voice should encapsulate the personality and promise of your business, appeal to your desired target audiences, and remain uniform across all platforms. When creating a voice for your business, start with the values and mission of your business and consider what would relay to your audience. A consistent and reliable voice is a crucial part to building trust with your customers.

When creating the voice for your business, consider different tones that may be used for your brand. The tone will describe what feeling the voice will give based on the audience you’re targeting. For example, a company may have an educational and informative voice, but the tone used in each campaign will vary depending on the desired target audience. If the target audience is children, the tone will be a bit more casual and light-hearted, compared to a more formal tone used to communicate with business professionals. Using brand personas, or profiles you create to represent your main customer segments, are a great way to determine what tone should be used to target a specific demographic.

Once you have established a voice and tone for your business, you can create guidelines that will help your business maintain cohesiveness in your voice across all marketing channels. A successful set of guidelines will help determine the dos and don’ts of your brand’s voice.

Think about some popular brands that you see each day. Do they use a successful voice and tone? If so, does the voice instill an element of authority and empathy? We’re willing to bet that it does. Find out how the visual style for your brand can work alongside your brand’s voice in the next blog in the series.


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