The Value of Video Marketing

You don’t have to look into a crystal ball to predict that video is going to be a HUGE marketing trend in 2019­. Stats already show that roughly 75 million people in the US alone watch online videos every single day, and a large portion of those users are viewing video content on social media platforms. Likewise, over 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube daily. Video is a powerful marketing tool. How can you get started?

Popular Types of Video

From a marketing standpoint, your audience wants one of three things from your videos — awareness, engagement, or education. Stay tuned as we break these videos down for you:


Company Culture — show your company’s human side. These types of videos convey your business mission, values, and highlight select team members.

Behind the Scenes — people love being in on the exclusivity of their favorite brands. Producing a blooper reel is a great example.


Vlog — though commonly used by influencers, a vlog is often used to tell a personal story. Don’t let that limit you! A vlog is a great way to share you thoughts on a certain topic and it can be however long or short you want it to be.


How-to/Explainer — if you know anything well enough to explain it, make a video! Chances are, someone wants to know more about that something and they are more willing to watch a video than read about it.

Case Study/Testimonial — this type of video is great if you already have a customer base. Sharing an outside perspective on your product/service is a sure way to reach and educate future customers.

Show, Don’t Tell

Understanding how to create and implement these videos is crucial to your video marketing strategy. As for a solution, you’re in luck! At Jarbo, we’re comfortable handling all stages in your campaign, from conception to completion. Behind every video is a story, and the Brand Storytellers are here to help tell it.


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