What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Wikipedia defines it as:

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing visibility of a website or a web page to users of a web search engine.

In essence, SEO is all about making technical changes that help search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, read your website. Search engines read your site by scanning for keywords or key phrases throughout your site, which are phrases and words that describe what your page is about. This in turn, leads more potential customers to your website.

Follow Google’s rules for optimization = more views on your website

I think we can all agree that most businesses want more website traffic.

What’s odd about optimizing your page for search, is the process of getting there. Google especially likes to change their rules on what optimization is and how to implement it.

So, in addition to discovering your website’s issues and solving them, you also need to track search engine preferred optimizations.

Oh, and don’t forget that you also need to optimize all of your new content as you roll it out.

Some common SEO issues:

  • Lack of alt tags on photos
  • Duplicate meta descriptions
  • Insufficient keywords
  • Slow load speed
  • Sitemap issues

Is your website optimized for search? Use our site audit tool to get a peek into the possible problems with your website or send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions.


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