Brad Justus

Brad Justus

Marketing Strategy SME

As president, Brad runs the agency and puts his 25+ years of experience to work for our clients. Although he is intimately involved with all aspects of our products and services, his primary focus is marketing strategy. Planning, positioning, branding, messaging, testing, measuring, and refining are the most common words you will hear when you walk into his office. He believes there should be a good reason for everything we produce for our clients — and he’s not afraid to politely challenge us to defend our work.

As a former U.S. Soldier and high school football coach, Brad places value on building a cohesive team. Especially one that understands, and works toward, our clients’ goals. He thoroughly enjoys overseeing the professional growth of each Jarbo team member.

In his free time (what free time?), Brad loves spending time with Joan, and their family. He enjoys the outdoors, hunting, fishing, and history.

Favorite superhero: Batman

Favorite show: “Forged in Fire”

Favorite book: The Bible

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